We’ve made a shift!

After 14 years we’re changing our name to Shift Youth and Community. We are incredibly excited about the change which is the culmination of a 3 and half year process reviewing our brand. Despite a new lease of life and an excitement to see what new connections and opportunities we encounter; who we are, what we do, our values and approach to mission all remain the same. 
Bringing a Blessing

We have so much to bring to the body of Christ here in the UK as well as to our communities and nation as a whole; our rebrand has helped us overcome some significant blockages that have hindered us in the past – we are excited to be and bring a blessing to the communities of our nation like we haven’t done before.

Shift Youth + Community are the British expression of a global movement, Fusion International. We are proud to be part of this global family and are grateful for the heritage we have as result. Our rebrand has helped us own our unique identity here in the UK and within our global movement, we’re looking forward to standing out and being all we are called to be. 
This is a new day. A day where we can seek after the heart of God, to bring real change to real people. A day where the circumstances and hopelessness that can beset our youth and communities are able to be moved, changed, transformed and shifted. In the UK, that’s who we are, a group of ordinary friends who believe we can shift this culture and show others how to do the same.  
We believe we can help shift culture in schools, where struggling students feel lost and without direction, to one where their God given potential shines and grows.  We believe together we can shift culture in families, from one where relationships are strained, to where peace reigns. Together we can shift youth culture from one where young people seek validation in image and approval, to one where their self-worth inspires the strength to love and serve.  We believe we can even help shift culture in our nation, from one where God is an afterthought, to one where His love and kindness set a tone for authentic community.


Shift Youth + Community. We are excited that we have come to a place of re-affirming God’s identity for us as a national movement. We are excited to learn and excited to grow, and we’d love you to join us!

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